A brief guide to use VK Russian Social Media

VK is one of the most popular social media sites of the world. It is the third largest social media site in the world. It is more famous among the Russian people. It is also called the Facebook of Russia. The site has more than 350 million active users and most of them are in Russia. Here is a guide on how to use this social media. It is also available for Windows, Apple and Android phones.

The signup process

Just like any other social media it also has profiles which users create after they sign up. The sign up form is simple; the users need to enter their first name, last name, date of birth, and gender. After entering this information the users will have to enter their phone number to validate the account. Another easy way to sign up is by signing in using Facebook account.

How to add friends on VK?

Adding friends is easy. Just like Facebook, once a person has a profile, he or she can use the search bar on the top to search for the user name or the user’s phone number to search the profile. Once the profile is open there is an “add to friends” button. Pressing that button one user can send a request to another. The link, my feedback can be used to see what other users are doing or posting on VK. It is just like the live feedback about what’s going on.  

How to send a message?

The user interface of VK is very easy. Almost everything is on the left side menu. Form the menu the users need to click on messages, it will open all the messages.  To send the message the user needs to press create a new message button or just click on any old chat and it will open on the right pane. The user has to type and press send.

How to add photos and videos on VK?

When the user clicks on My Photos the right side is where the photos are displayed. The user can add more photos easily also by clicking on My profile where all the profile activity is displayed. The place where the users can update status, they can also add photos by drag drop method or by browsing the computer.

How to create communities on VK?

Communities on VK do not mean a group. A community can be a group, a page or an event. Creating communities means to create groups. Once the user clicks on the link My Communities, a box appears in front with details. The first is the space to enter the name; the second is the option to choose the community type. The user selects one of the three options and clicks create community. For example, if the user selected Page, it will take the user to the page settings area. The user will then have to enter Page name, Page type and then click create page by accepting the agreement.

Beth Andrews