How much posts you should make daily on Facebook

Social media has been around for many years and is overwhelming the world. Social media particularly Facebook which is the most popular social media network is basically a simple way of expanding the friend circle. Facebook is beneficial for every individual, no matter from which field he belongs. If he is a marketer, then he could not find a better place than Facebook for promoting his products. An individual who has a hobby of enhancing his friend circle could fulfill his desire by getting connected with the world through Facebook. Moreover, if a person wants to assess the personality of his fellow could know it just by stalking his Facebook profile, the hobbies, likes, interests or posts of that particular individual can help in assessing his nature.

Good posting strategy is a key of having a successful Facebook page. People post on Facebook to keep themselves connected with the world or to enhance the business profit. How often a person should post is the question under consideration.

The ideal number of posts

There is no exact ideal number for posting on Facebook, but there could be a range for individual of different fields. Usually, if an individual shares less than 2 posts in a week could repel the audience to a larger extent. Furthermore, if a person shares more than 2 posts per day could also lose the audiences, so certain midway is needed to explore.

The exact ideal range for posts is around 5 to 10 posts per week for a brand or any other such company to keep people engaged.

Particular time for Facebook posts

The particular time for sharing the posts could also specify the number of the posts. Sometimes, a large number of posts at a particular time might not be useful rather if these posts are shared at the appropriate time, this could enhance the number of the audiences. Moreover, there are many users who log on to the Facebook account in the morning while the other visit their profile in the evening, so it is almost necessary to share the same information twice a day to make the user get a pop up notification. This is important because the newer posts pushed down the older ones and people prefer to click on the new one.

Do analysis frequently

It is almost necessary to measure the posting frequency over time. Comparison of the newer posts frequency with the older one can help a person to identify the exact number of posts which could keep the people attached with the certain Facebook page. Facebook has make it easy by providing a Benchmark option which could assist the individual to analyze the average reach, likes, shares, and comments as compared to the previous time. For instance, sometimes the increase in the number of the posts does not enhance the followers, in such case, an individual has to change his strategy rather than increasing the number of the posts.

Beth Andrews