How to hide profile from boss on social media?

In this global world, an individual can reach the far off people through an abstract source such as the internet or any social media. People find a job there, they interact with the people around, they share their hobbies, activities, interests, and other daily activities. But what if the boss came to know that you have just made a lame excuse for getting a short day, instead you are free and roaming around restaurants with closed ones. This aspect is the complete destruction for a good job. So, this is somewhat a necessity to hide profile from the boss on social media.

There are some of the strategies in order to protect the job from termination because of this mere reason.

Never set posts to ‘public’

First and foremost, task is to set the posts to ‘private’, as the public profile may lead the person to get fired from the job. This can happen due to mere things he shares on the profile like his few grammatical errors and hobbies or interests.

Gain control over the existing posts

The profile has been updating from the time it was signed up. The profile is somewhat exposed to every person when he just search the required name in the search option. Some people have no issue regarding this exposure, in fact, they feel proud if people stalk them, but some of the individuals particularly the employees attached with a company always needs to have control over their profile. Sometimes, the boss of a company can stalk the employee and could find something irresistible in the profile which could lead to the suspension of the employee. So, he could save his job by limiting the old posts, which will leave the individual with only some recent activities.

Lock down the friend list

Locking down the friend list will limit the access to the friends and will protect the profile from prying eyes. Moreover, the social media is also offering an emerging feature such as Graph Search which will allow the stalkers to appear in searches associated with the profile.

Screen the profile for red flags

A profile provides more recorded information about any person like what a person has eaten, what about his friends and his social circle. It is necessary to eliminate red flags for the following reasons:

  1. Anything that depicts that an individual lie about his qualification could lead to suspension.
  2. Any content regarding drugs or illegal activities.
  3. Any discriminatory remarks.
  4. Some content that indicate the poor communication skills.

Remove tags

Check in to a location and then tagging many people would lead to the exposure of many fake excuses an employee did to the boss. So, check out the tagged photos and unlink from those photos to avoid such embarrassment.

Think before share

‘Think before share’ is the golden rule for future content, so share such content which reflects a charismatic and positive personality. Moreover, share something depicts the passion for a certain job which will leave a very positive impact on the boss and there is a high chance of promotion.  

Beth Andrews